APPLICATION By submitting your application for membership, you hereby agree to below terms and conditions of Singapore Telugu Cultural Society or Singapore Telugu Samajam, hitherto referred as STS. Terms and Conditions:

1) By submitting the membership application, you hereby explicitly agree to abide by constitution along with its applicable amendments of STS.

2) Upon submission of Membership Application, you hereby explicitly consent to agree with Terms and conditions for membership application that are applicable as on date of submission as well as subject to change or modified in future with or without notice and are at the sole discretion of STS.

3) In order to be a member of STS, you must be a resident in Singapore. Membership in STS is open to any person aged eighteen years and above except where the law prohibits the applicant. The applicant shall not be eligible if he/she already has an existing and valid STS membership account.

4) Approval of your membership upon submission is subject to STS Management decision. You will be communicated about membership decision via email provided when submitting your application.

5) STS reserves full rights to accept or decline membership based on prevailing Management Committee decision. Rejected applicants will be notified by email or post within 60 days of registration. Membership amount will be refunded to the applicant by Cheque. STS is not responsible for Undelivered or unclaimed cheques. If the amount is not claimed within 3 months or expiry date of the cheque (whichever is earlier), STS will treat this amount as a donation from the member.

6) All communications with regards to membership application including approval or rejection of application change of membership data etc. will be only communicated to your email address provided at the time of membership application. STS is not held responsible for providing an incomplete or wrong email address at the time of membership application submission. STS is not obliged for non-delivery of any email/post due to wrong email address or email service provider technical issues or change of address.

7) Requests to update personal details of membership such as change of address, qualifications etc. will be allowed when communication is sent using the email address used when submitting membership application form.

8) Artificial persons such as corporations and other legal entities are not eligible for STS membership.

9) Membership Fee and Administration Fee are subject to change based on regulations as given in STS Constitution.

10) STS Membership is non-transferable.

11) At any given point of time, multiple member names cannot be enrolled into Single Membership as well as a Single Individual name cannot hold multiple single memberships.

12) Family membership (Annual / Life) is limited to 2 adults (Husband and Wife) and up to 5 children (above 3 years and below 18 years).

13) E-Card will be issued to all online membership applicants upon approval. The Membership Card is personal and nontransferable. The membership card is the property of STS. An administration fee of 10 Singapore dollars will be levied for replacement of a new card.

14) All communication about membership must be sent to STS addressing Hon. Secretary.

15) Membership fees shall be paid in advance and are non-refundable unless management committee declines membership.

16) In the case of any dispute or liability arising out of STS membership, the liability of STS will be limited to Membership fees and will not exceed in any circumstances Membership fees paid by a member at the time of membership application submission.

17) General Member Obligations: The applicant must act fairly and reasonably in all matters connected with his/her application and (if the application is approved by STS. The member’s obligations are as follows:

a. Not give STS any incorrect or incomplete information in connection with the application or membership and promptly inform STS if such information changes.

b. Not in any way sell, barter, attempt to transfer or otherwise deal with any STS benefits [including and not limited to STS discounts or any other STS benefits] connected with the membership and not abuse or misuse any STS benefits.

c. Not act dishonestly or in any manner that is unacceptable to STS in relation to the membership.

d. Notify STS of any discrepancies in the membership account concerning any transaction within three months after that transaction. Update STS about any changes of status or address using the original email address used when submitting a membership application.

e. Quote or show the STS membership number if requested by STS Management Committee members.

f. Where the applicant/member is a minor, take steps to ensure the guardian deals with the STS membership and membership account in accordance with the terms and conditions.

18) To maintain the STS membership, the member will allow STS to collect, use and disclose his/her personal data in order to fulfil the following purposes:

a. To provide the member with membership status updates and other account-related information.

b. To facilitate membership-related transactions and services.

c. To market and communicate to the member information on STS promotions, contests, events, and lucky draws, including those conducted by STS program partners.

d. To contact the member on product and customer-related surveys and market research.

e. Any other purpose In connection with the above, some of the member’s personal data may be disclosed to STS partners, service providers and other partner companies in the program for membership related purposes and customer servicing. The data collected will be used for direct marketing purposes by Singapore Telugu Cultural Society. A member who has given consent may subsequently instruct STS not to use his/her personal data for such marketing purposes by submitting a request in writing by post to STS registered address or email to Secretary at email address secretary@sts.org.sg. 

19) An account with inaccurate and/or incomplete personal data shall be closed or suspended or deactivated at the sole discretion of STS.

20) STS reserves the right to (a) suspend, (b) permanently exclude the member upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

a. In the sole opinion of STS, the member has misbehaved or at any event organised by STS premises. Misbehaviour includes but is not limited to verbal or physical abuse of a committee member, destruction or damage to property on STS Property

b. In the sole and exclusive opinion of STS, the member has acted dishonestly or in any manner that is unacceptable to STS in relation to his/her membership.

c. Membership will terminate immediately upon the death of the member. All benefits to members will be automatically forfeited on the death of the member. 

21) Please note that Annual membership validity is 1 Calendar year (from the date of approval) subject to AGM approval otherwise membership will expire as per STS constitution.

22) Personal Information: We receive and store any information which members enter on our data entry forms like Sign-up, Comments and Article Submission pages. Do not leave any personal information on this website that may be damaging to you or anyone else. If a court or law requires us to disclose and personal information we have, we can disclose it to them.

23) NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION: Automatic Transactional Information. Certain Non-personal Information may be collected automatically as part of your use of this Site, as well as from your transactions with us and our affiliates or nonaffiliated third parties. This Non-personal Information is used to improve the overall Site operations, functionality and appearance. Non-personal Information may include your IP address, web browser type, domain name and the time or date of which you visited the Site.

24) We may store a cookie on your machine. We provide links to other third-party websites. The third party website may also set cookies and it is governed by their privacy policy.

25) We collect personal information such as your NRIC, Name, email address, postal address, phone numbers, etc. when you register. Due to the nature of the internet, it is possible that the data on this website could be mistakenly released, lost or even hacked by unwanted individuals. Therefore if you feel that the loss of data you provide on this website can cause loss then please do not use this website.